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Miklós Beöthy named Country Manager of Codecool in Hungary

Hungary’s new country manager Miklós Beöthy joined Codecool almost exactly five years ago, when the education centre in Budapest was set up.

Miklós Beöthy was appointed Country Manager of Hungary by Codecool Programming School. The introduction of the position, which had already existed at the international organizations of Codecool, enables Founder–Managing Director József Boda to focus on strategic tasks, among others, to continue the international expansion and to pave the way for the launch of new products.

In the case of the education centres of Codecool located abroad, the concentration of operative tasks under the management of a dedicated local leader – the so-called country manager – has already proved to be a good solution. In relation to the two training facilities in Hungary and the online courses customized for Hungarian students, this additional role has been exercised by Founder and Managing Director of Codecool József Boda so far. With the recently decided standardization, Hungary has also received its own country manager, which enables Mr. Boda to concentrate on the realization of the strategic development plans of the company.

Hungary’s new country manager Miklós Beöthy joined Codecool almost exactly five years ago, when the education centre in Budapest was set up. As a senior mentor, he has been responsible for shaping and developing the education at the school in Budapest as well as ensuring the stable operation.

Miklós Beöthy graduated as a computer engineer from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, then he worked as a developer first for Pesti Est and later for Kirowski, followed by his almost 9-year-long career at Digital Natives. While developing unique projects and collaborating with clients, he became more and more interested in issues like the supply of professional staff, the impact of the corporate culture on the efficiency of developers and finally, education and self-development. He was invited to join the programming school to contribute to the creation of the Budapest centre after the debut of Codecool in Miskolc.

“Codecool is one of the leading programming school in Hungary, therefore, we are not only required to supply the labour market with the necessary number of new IT professionals, but we must maintain high quality in our education,” Miklós Beöthy believes. We have received excellent feedback on our full-stack developer graduates from their employers. The satisfaction of our clients also indicates that they expect more and more technological and soft skills from our junior graduates, for which we must prepare them. In addition to it, our experience has shown that besides employees having comprehensive professional knowledge, more and more specialists are also sought by the companies. Having realized that, Codecool launched its short-term online courses already in summer. The frontend developers and IT project managers who completed our courses have already entered the labour market. We are going to focus on the development of such specialised courses in the future, as well, in order to facilitate the growth of the IT sector by providing employees having appropriate technological expertise and soft skills,” the new country manager says, describing the challenges he faces.

“As a result of digitalization – which seems to be accelerated by the COVID pandemic – more and more employees having coding skills will be needed all over the world in the future. In order to satisfy the changing demand for labour force, Codecool has introduced several new services already this year,” Founder–Managing Director of Codecool József Boda says, explaining the impact of the pandemic on the programing school. For instance, the introduction of our short-time online courses enables us to train employees properly prepared for certain special professional fields fast. At the same time, having started our sourcing line of business, we are now able to provide our clients even with complete project teams consisting of junior, medior and senior programmers. This service can make the otherwise extremely time- and resource-consuming recruitment process much more efficient. We also emphasize that our partners do not necessarily have to look for new IT experts outside of their company. Codecool’s re-training and upskilling courses can enable their existing employees, who are loyal to their company and know it well, to fill new positions. By this, the costs of recruitment, selection and even training processes can be reduced, not to mention the fact that even layoffs may be avoided.